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HCG Diet Books: About Tiffany Prinster HCG

HCG Weight Loss | HCG Author | DIY HCG Tiffany Prinster is the co-owner and CEO of DIY HCG (Do-It-Yourself HCG), the Internet's #1 most trusted site for Do-It-Yourselfers on the HCG Diet. After leaving the University of Missouri Kansas City's Six Year Medical Program (because she couldn't imagine spending the next 6 years in a hospital under someone else's schedule), she pursued her B.A. in Philosophy.

After graduating in 2008, she moved into entrepreneurship.  At 22, she started Do-It-Yourself HCG (DIY HCG) and has since grown the company and helped tens of thousands of people to finally lose their excess weight.   She is also author of My HCG Tracker and co-author of the Pocket Guide to the HCG Protocol.  Plus, she is the creator of the Tiffalina's HCG-Safe personal care products, which can be used by clients on the HCG diet. (View Tiffalina's HCG Safe Items here)HCG Diet Lotion | HCG Lip Balm | HCG Lotion | Mistaken as HGC

Tiffany love spending time with her family (she is the oldest of 8 children) and her friends. Her passions are self-growth, creativity, entrepreneurship, and anthing that makes her laugh.

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